Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Part ThirtyFour - Planting Stories

During Michael’s life there were stories planted about him, people hoped after his death it would finally stop. I hoped that too but meanwhile these hopes keep getting pushed down in the ground hard while one story after another storie seems to come out these days. I feel there are some fans being used here, they are taken advantage of because of their good Faith and their willingness to fight to get justice for Michael. So what i’m about to say is totally not ment against these people but it’s ment against their so called sources.

It all started with Brian Oxman, a man who once was Michael’s lawyer but got fired on april 21st 2005. This same Brian Oxman who started to say in 2007 that Michael would perform with his brothers again. And it happens to be the first person who came straight of the hospital meeting the press after the word was out that Michael was gone. Ever since that day he has been claiming the addiction story, and he still claimes that today. This man imo sure likes to be in the spotlight and loves being the centre of attention.

Brian Oxman knows exactly how to play the fans violin. He knows just how badly the fans want to do something to fight for Michael one last time and he is taking advantage of them. He opend a facebook page where he first asked fans to join him to fight for higher charges. And of course fans joined him and posted this on facebook everywhere. Again i have to say i don’t blame the fans for this, they are just looking for a way so they can actually do something and since Brian Oxman is a public figure and is well known they really believe him.

The thing is that none of them seem to understand that Brian Oxman is still claiming Michael was an addict, something that is proven untrue in the autopsy report. He even was on a radioshow Saturday februari 27th 2010 where he said the autopsy said that Michael had an acute and progressive brainswelling wich was caused by the abuse of drugs. Listen to the radioshow. Now before you start believing these comment Brian Oxman made you have to know that what he said was not in the autopsy report at all. There was a mild brainswelling mention in the autopsy report, but it was considerd normal for a person at the age of 50. Also the autopsy report does not link this mild swelling as being drugrelated like Brian Oxman is claiming. So in my opinion if Brian Oxman would really want justice for Michael he would stop these addiction claims right hereright now…those claims are just as bogus as the Chandler and Arvizo’s claims. I don’t know what Brian Oxman’s agenda is here but it sure isn’t getting justice for Michael.

This however isn’t the only thing that doesn’t add up with Brian Oxman. In the same interview he says he doesn’t think there was a conspiracy to kill Michael, but that there is a conspiracy when it comes down to Michael’s assets. I find that very very strange considering he is saying to represent the Jackson family. After all aren’t some of the family members saying there was a conspiracy to kill Michael? So this lawyer Brian Oxman who does he really represent if he makes other claims than some family members do? He can’t be representing the entire Jackson family if he claims something differently can he?

Some people on facebook are just following Brian Oxman’s words blindly but others seem to think more about what they are hearing and seeing from him. This last group is even asking Brian Oxman questions about things he’s saying. And until today he hasn’t answered those questions, not on facebook and not by private mail. It has happend a lot on facebook when people make claimes and than are questioned about it.

Another strange thing just happend yesterday with Brian Oxman’s facebook, it dissepeared. I’m not saying it happend on purpose, it might just have been a crazy coincidence. But there is something else going on at the same time. The word got out that somebody on facebook got an anonymous letter through facebook claiming there was a fight between Michael and Conrad Murray and that after that Conrad Murray filled a needle till the top and give Michael this injection. It seems that security has heard this argument and that Conrad Murray left after that. There is also the mentioning about the DA and LAPD not being interested in this information. Apperently that same person dissapeared on facebook shortly after he sent that message. Now i know one thing about facebook and that is that you can’t sent an anonymous letter through facebook messages. And for me it’s a bit to much of a coincidence that this person diseaperd from facebook after that message. So i’m guessing the source of this letter is once again Brian Oxman.

Also this is linked to another story about Conrad Murray gone missing for four hours to go to a prostitute and that Conrad Murray left Michael to die. This story was put out before the autopsy report was made public. Anybody who has seen and read the autopsy report knows that this story doesn’t fit in no matter how much you want it to fit. If i than take a look at the story that has come out now it fits even less, and yet there are people out there wanting to make us believe both of the stories are true.

Both of the stories claim to have been told by an inside source and security to an author. This same author is asking fans to put the stories out and keeps his/her mouth shut about it until the stories are on a role. At the same time this author has close contacts with Brian Oxman, and the author is even gonna speak at some kind of conference in june. It will not be a surprice if i say to you that Brian Oxman is also gonna attend that very same conference where people have to pay 400$ for to be able to attend this conference.

I’m not saying this author and this facebook person are lying what i am saying however is that they are being lied to. I personally have contact with these people and i know how much they want to see justice done for Michael. And i really feel bad for both of them to see how they are being used. Unfortunally they are not the only ones being used. I hope some day they won’t be blinded so much anymore by their quest to get justice and see what me and others are seeing about what’s happening to them.

Brian Oxman is also claiming that Michael’s will is fake and that Michael’s real will is missing. Now i know he’s not the only one claiming this and i am no expert on saying that this will is fake or not but i do know this will is very simular as the will that was written before this one. The only big difference is that in this will Michael has added Blanket in there as well. People claim a lot of things about this will but the truth is the things that really matter in this will aren’t in the will, these things are written down in the trust, a trust that will never be open for us to watch. The people who are fighting this will are the same people that always tried to get money from Michael when he was still alive and gosh did they wish to get their own hands on Michael’s assets when he got killed. Just imagne how dissepointed they all must be for not getting anything to keep their lifestiles going without having to work themselfs for their own money now. You bet that that pissed some people of.

We must not forget that Michael was a very smart man and i’m betting on it that he made damn sure that he put very specific instructions in that trust. And if Michael would have written a new will i’m also sure he would have left it at the hands of people he could really trust. I for one wouldn’t put my will in any familymembers hand for safe keeping, and i know i’m not Michael but if i was and i would have written a new will i would have given it to T-Mez for safe keeping.

I’m still not done yet cause Brian Oxman also pointed out at a Michael Jackson Convention in Milan, Italy that the ambulance picture that was taken from Michael is fake. I have to admit in all honesty that i believe that picture is fake. What i don’t believe about it is what Brian Oxman says about it. He tells it is a fabricated pic from Michael on stage. He’s using a theorie here wich was made by the so called “hoax” believers. Not that i have anything against the”hoax” believers, cause they are just fans like me and you they are also doing research but take things another way than fans like me do. But by using a pic and theorie from this group he makes himself really incredible.

A thing i would really point out is that a lot of people say follow the money and that there’s a big blame game going on towards anybody that makes money from Michael’s death. In my opinion these people doing this blame game should put Brian Oxman on that very same list cause he is making a whole lot of money by doing these conferences and i bet it won’t take long before his book comes out with his headspins. There is one thing i know for sure…if you are looking for a way to get to the truth and to get justice for Michael…Brian Oxman is NOT your man to follow.


  1. Great written.. as ever... but you outdid yourself this time...
    Really REALLY good piece of work.
    Keep it going girl


  2. I am in total agreement. Atty Brian Oxman continuously makes false statements about Michael being an addict. The coronary report states the exact opposite. Michael's brain showed a completely normal brain for a person of his age group. Minor brain swelling, is not the same as "acute progressive brain swelling, due to long term drug use" these were the words of Atty Brian Oxman in his radio statement, and many other statements made by him in Youtube recorded videos. If he's not telling the truth, how then can he be successful at demonstrating that Michael was murdered? When it is a fact, according to the coroner's report that he indeed was murdered by "acute intoxication of propophol, by injection of another".

  3. Hi Esther
    Very well done!!!!
    As usual very well written!
    Really liked this article.
    I agree in everything you are saying.
    I thought so strange when I saw Brian Oxman on facebook. I don't know much about him, I have to say I am learning many things from you and after that I have to say I don't like this guy. Once I wachted a interview where he was saying he was MJ's lawyer durin the trials but as far as I know Mesereau was his lawyer. The feeling which I had were kind of he was promoting himself...Don't trust him.
    Thank you so much for this my friend.

  4. Lia, Oxman was Michael's lawyer until he got fired on april 21st 2005. He even was told by T-Mez to get his ass out of the courtroom.

    It was T-Mez who defended Michael during the trial...It was T-Mez and his team together with Michael who proved Michael was innocent. Brian Oxman had nothing, nothing to do with that.

    The only reason imo why he keeps claiming addiction is so that they can put the blame on a big company and ask for a whole lot of money...and if his client will get's money so will Brian Oxman...

    Gosh if he really wanted to get justice for michael than why doesn't he do it for free...why doesn't he make sure all fans who are interested can attend these conferences he's involved...No instead of that he's cashing in on this...and the only fans you will see joining him are the once who can somehow actually pay that 400$. People are even willing to get debts to attend this shit. And the worst thing of all is he makes it look like he's the one fighting for justice when in fact he is using the fans to do all his hard work...they go and search for information, they go and promote this stuff etc etc...and Brian Oxman...well..he sits back, smiles and caches in.

  5. Não confio nesse Brian.
    Dinheiro, sempre dinheiro!

  6. Hmm, Oxmans FB site is still up!?

  7. O que aconteceu, Tantas notícias, acomtecimentos Novos e VOCÊ Parou de postar?
    Gostamos Tanto esclarecimentos de SEUS, e Uma pena Não Em termos SUA Mais uma análise.

  8. 1. Oxman is not the Jackson family attorney. He's just Joseph's.
    2. Oxman can't speak about a conspiracy because he has NO EVIDENCE about it. The family can say what they want, he's an attorney.
    3. Claiming Michael was an addict? I've been present in 2 interviews and what Oxman said was that Murray used to administer lots of drugs to Michael, that he (Murray) didn't care about Michael's health.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm just a fan who wants to know the truth. If anyone can show me EVIDENCE that Oxman is doing wrong, then I'll be with you. Until then, everyone is innocent until proven guilt.